S Pico

This is a project by Kim Gybels and Toon Verwaest. We accept donations, drinks and food!


23/01/2007 Parts of the code upgraded to C++.
23/01/2007 Migrated from CVS to SVN.
01/11/2006 Fixed "cont"-bug + introspection for positioned symbols (2.0.1)
18/10/2006 Added highlighting for code in external files and runtime-error-highlighting to the pico-engine. New version is 2.0.0.
19/06/2006 New drscheme (v350), so new sPico (1.8.6). There are also binaries available for intel macs.
09/02/2006 All existing features ported to drscheme v300.
01/02/2006 Working version for drscheme v300, lacking error highlighting.
19/12/2005 Now that Yoda is gone, the CVS has moved to a new home: Cutie.
17/05/2005 Currently looking into porting sPico to drscheme v300, more drinks and food would be appreciated
13/05/2005 Added extra info to errors (by Christophe Scholliers)
11/05/2005 Small fix to my fix to pico. Now it should actually work
23/03/2005 Fixed bug#1. Upgraded to 1.8.1
16/02/2005 sPico installed on computers in the rooms at InfoGroep... enjoy.
09/02/2005 New feature... spico-icon!
02/01/2005 Happy Newyear! sPico reorganized: sPico now called sPico1 (Pico 1.0) and sPico2 (Pico 2.0)
26/12/2004 sPico 1.6 online, contains better and (syntax-coloring)
26/12/2004 Successfully compiled win32 version with
26/12/2004 Added fix for env_save and env_load.
27/11/2004 Moved HTTP-dir to better location
26/11/2004 No success yet on the windows-front, still crashing
24/11/2004 Open HTTP-dir added...
23/11/2004 MacOS X version compiled and put the .plt on the ftp.
22/11/2004 Windows version compiled. Still has crash-on-mouse-movement error :)


The current readme can be found at: Readme

Downloads are available at

sPico FTP
sPico HTTP


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kgybels AT infogroep DOT be
tverwaes AT infogroep DOT be


You can find us in the channel #pico on